PLANT ARCHIVE | Strobilanthes gossypinus

Commonly known as Persian Shield, Strobilanthes gossypinus is a silver-grey evergreen native to India and Sri Lanka. Its species name gossypinus meaning cotton-like, refers to the prolific shiny hair on the surface of its leaves, causing it to shimmer in the sunlight.

Growing conditions

Suited to part sun and shady positions, this plant requires little other than a frost-free environment and free-draining soil. This species grows to approximately 1m high x 1.5m wide and may produce mauve funnel-shaped flowers in winter.

Care and maintenance

Strobilanthes’ are low maintenance. They perform best in well-draining soil and benefit from mulching.

Garden design

We use Strobilanthes to bring a shimmering contrast to a garden bed, as pictured here against the deep green and glossy foliage of the Ligularia in one of our Brighton gardens.

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