Landscape Design

We believe the best landscape design plays to the conditions of your site to take advantage of position, architecture, light and space; and further enhanced by a strong horticultural element.

We focus on the visual, but also the experience to create spaces that will be enjoyed and savoured for years to come.

Our design process involves three critical phases:


Firstly, Nathan will meet with you on site to discuss ideas and gather all the necessary information to prepare your project design brief. He will bring his experience and a fresh set of eyes, offering creative insight and recommendations. During the consultation, we explore the practical and aesthetical needs for your exterior space, including lifestyle needs, function and budget.

Drawing from this information, we then prepare your project design brief, which outlines the key features that will inform our proposed design.

Concept Design

In response to the brief (and upon your acceptance of our fee proposal), we prepare a landscape design concept for you to see the full scope of the project. This includes a schematic design of the major features, such as swimming pools, walls, structures, water features and surfaces.

We often use realistic 3D imaging and professional documentation sets, so every finite detail of your design is realised and understood.

Design Development

Upon your approval of the design concept, we refine and develop your design by way of detail, including –

Finish selections

To convey our ideas, we can provide samples and photographs for clarity and easier visualisation.

Construction Documentation

For more complex projects, we can prepare detailed ‘construction issue’ documents to enable the calling of tenders, attainment of permits and to ensure the design meets engineering requirements.

Documentation for this phase may include:

1. A Detailed Construction Plan showing hardscape dimensions, grading and drainage.

2. Construction Detail Sheets with material call outs, and any necessary engineering details or calculations.

3. A Landscape Construction Specifications Sheet listing the construction specification requirements.

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