Smart maintenance is vital as it tends to the form, health and shape of your plantings, while also keeping your hard-scapes neat and tidy.

Your Garden’s Longevity

Time plays an important role in the plants and materials we select for each design. We are careful to design gardens that are easy to maintain, and longevity of materials is a key consideration.

Garden Maintenance Plan

We will curate a garden maintenance program that’s tailored to the specific needs of your design, ensuring your garden continues to evolve and flourish through every season.

We regularly check in with gardeners and arborists to ensure our design is realised through maturity.

Botanic Horticulture

We have a close affiliation with garden maintenance providers, Botanic Horticulture. Their diligent and professional team of gardeners and arborists understand the important role they play in realising each of our designs.

They will collaborate with us to ensure your garden grows better with time, as well as tending to its shape, form and health.

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What is included in your regular garden maintenance service?

Our affiliated garden maintenance provider, Botanic Horticulture, offer a fully customised service for each garden depending on the client’s needs, the scale of the garden, and the frequency and length of maintenance visits. Botanic prioritise its service to ensure the biggest impact in the time spent at each visit. This may include seasonal pruning, fertilising, lawn care or specific requirements depending on the species in the garden.

What types of properties do you work with?

Our garden maintenance provider, Botanic Horticulture, work with high-end residential and commercial properties. Typically, these are designer gardens or mature exquisite gardens; however, we also provide a garden makeover service.

Why is garden maintenance important?

A well-designed garden is a significant investment. Left unattended, gardens can fall into ruin and require further significant investment. While it is common for clients to request a low maintenance garden, all gardens require some level of maintenance to ensure the vibrant health and longevity of the plants and of course, for aesthetics.

How often should my garden be maintained?

Vibrant and flourishing gardens are maintained regularly. That is, weekly or fortnightly throughout the growing seasons. At a minimum, this may be scaled back to monthly maintenance visits during the dormant season of winter.

Can you design gardens that require low maintenance?

Plants are living, growing organisms and for this reason, there is no such thing as a ‘no maintenance’ garden. However, different gardens will require a higher level of maintenance than others. NBLA consider the financial cost of maintaining our gardens and always try to strike a balance between the desired look and the level of care that our designs require.

How do you handle pest control in gardens?

In the first instance, pests and disease are prevented by planting the right plants in the right position, acquiring quality stock, and ensuring adequate water supply and good conditions. Getting this right means the plant is healthy and more resilient to pests and diseases. Beyond that, our horticulturists always take an ‘organic first’ and less toxic approach. If a problem can’t be solved by this means, a controlled use of insecticides is employed.

What is the difference between garden design and landscape design?

The main difference is an appreciation that a garden is always evolving. Landscape design usually begins with a blank canvas and involves the design of form and structure as well as soft-scaping. A garden design is more about working with an existing garden as it evolves, evaluating what works and modifying areas that are not thriving or require a refresh.

Can I customise the maintenance package to suit my garden's needs?

Absolutely, our affiliated garden maintenance providers, Botanic Horticulture, offer a boutique, fully customised service tailored to the specifics of each garden.

Do you offer organic or eco-friendly garden maintenance options?

Yes, our preference is always to implement an “organic first” approach. Our horticulturists understand and appreciate that they work in gardens that are enjoyed by families with children and clients with pets.

Can you work with existing plants and features in my garden?

Yes, our horticulturists have a broad skill set through knowledge of and experience working with plants from different parts of the world. For example, our horticulturists are skilled in topiary and caring for cacti. When approaching a makeover, they pay particular attention to retaining the existing highlights in a garden and complementing them with plantings that align to a particular style and are fit for purpose.