PLANT ARCHIVE | Echium candicans

Hailing from the islands of Madiera, the Echium candicans is a large herbaceous accent plant. It commands a presence whether flowering or just In leaf. When not in flower, Echium candicans presents as a mounded architectural shrub with rosettes of blue-green leaves. Come spring, it unveils its true splendour blooming with massive conical-shaped spikes comprised of small flowers in blue, purple, or occasionally white.

Growing conditions

Echium candicans is fast-growing and loves the sun. It is drought-tolerant and will even grow in poor soil conditions, making it great for slopes and coastal areas.

Care and maintenance

A further benefit of Echium candicans is that it requires very little maintenance. Just a quick prune of the spent flowers will prevent seeding and help maintain a healthy growth habit. This is particularly important if planted near bushland.

Garden Design

We like to position Echium candicans alongside other plant species with similar spire forms such as Lavenders and Agastache. It looks fantastic when planted in a purple-pink palette and complemented with other blue-green plants such as Lamb’s ears. Here it is shown against a backdrop of (1/2) Parthenocissus and Ornamental Pear trees, (2/2) Leucadendron and Eucalypts.