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Landscape Design Melbourne

Central to everything at NBD is design. NBD places the highest importance on providing our customers with solutions that are functional, innovative and beautiful. Our design process begins with three simple phases; analysis of existing conditions, concept design and design development.

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Meeting with the client and/or Architect to establish a brief specific to the client's lifestyle, site, and architecture. Following this meeting, a Landscape Design Fee Proposal will be provided for your consideration.

Concept Design

Upon acceptance of our fee proposal, NBD will prepare a landscape concept in response to the brief. This design will include a schematic design of all major features proposed for the garden including items like swimming pools, walls, and structures, water features and surfaces.

Design Development

Following review of the concept design NBD will amend and refine the landscape design offering further information by way of detail, furniture and finishes selections, lighting design, and drainage information. Throughout this phase, NBD will provide samples and photographs to help convey our ideas.