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Understanding the landscape design process is the first step in transforming your outdoor space into a personal retreat. Here, we’ll take you through the key stages of our meticulous design process, ensuring a collaborative and enjoyable journey from concept to completion.

Nestled on a tranquil corner in Brighton, a serene oasis unfolds. NBLA crafted this garden to cater to the life and leisure of a young family. With a fervent love for their garden, the client now relishes its beauty from certain vantage points inside their recently renovated home.

Fatsia Japonica, also known as Japanese aralia, is a medium evergreen shrub with large, glossy palm-shaped leaves. It is a species of the Araliaceae family and is native to Japan, Korea and Taiwan but grows exceptionally well in Australia.

Commonly known as Persian Shield, Strobilanthes gossypinus is a silver-grey evergreen native to India and Sri Lanka. Its species name gossypinus meaning cotton-like, refers to the prolific shiny hair on the surface of its leaves, causing it to shimmer in the sunlight.

Turf selection is a realm where aesthetics meet resilience, and every choice involves a weighted consideration of nature’s elements, client preferences and lifestyle, and of course aesthetics. Here, NBLA delves into the intricacies of turf selection, exploring the myriad factors at play when choosing the right lawn for its clients.

NBLA designed this Toorak garden for the founding owners of WHITEFOX Realestate, Charlotte and Marty Fox and their family in 2022. Well-versed in the art of real estate, Marty and Charlotte appreciate the difference a beautiful garden makes to the value of a property.

Designing pools is commonplace at Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture (NBLA). However, beneath the surface of each design, is hours of meticulous consideration and thoughtful planning to create something that seamlessly balances form and function. Here are some of our key considerations:

At a time when many plants enter a period of dormancy, Hellebores can give your winter garden a welcomed lift. One species that we are particularly partial to is the Helleborus x ballardiae, commonly known as Cinnamon Snow.

If you are looking for an autumnal highlight for your garden, Parthenocissus quinquefolia or Virginia Creeper will deliver. Its leaves are compound palmate leaves made up of five ovate leaflets hence Its name ‘quinque’ meaning five, and ‘folia’ meaning foliage.

In 2012, NBLA first met with Tennis Australia and Chard International to embark on something entirely new and diverse. Unknown to all was that this would become a decade-long collaboration for Tennis Australia’s premium offerings at its annual Grand Slam event.

Hailing from the islands of Madiera, the Echium candicans is a large herbaceous accent plant. It commands a presence whether flowering or just In leaf. When not in flower, Echium candicans presents as a mounded architectural shrub with rosettes of blue-green leaves.

Recently, we underwent a rebranding exercise which included a very significant change for our studio – the change of our name from Nathan Burkett Design to Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture (NBLA).

If you’ve ever been through the construction of a garden with NBLA, you’re likely to be familiar with Zane. Having been with us for a decade, he’s been involved with pretty much every type of landscaping project possible.

For many years now, NBLA have had a close affiliation with the team at Botanic Horticulture to offer our clients a quality garden aftercare program once their design has been installed.

Every year, NBLA are engaged by Tennis Australia to provide landscape design and construction services for the Australian Open. In 2020, we created ten designs for spaces within some of The Australian Open’s most premium hospitality offerings, including Rockpool and Nobu restaurants, and The Founders Club to name a few.